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DRUMBOX is a groundbreaking new fitness program for mind, body, and spirit that combines boxing training with hand drumming 

Created by Percussionist John Wakefield with the help of pro trainer and one of the most creative minds in all of boxing, Phil Paolina, DrumBox is about putting rhythm into your motion. Boxing at it’s best is a dance, as fluid as it is powerful and it’s intimate relationship with rhythm is undeniable. DrumBox uses drums/rhythm to help reinforce and understand the subtleties of the motion of boxing. With a workout catered to your individual needs and goals, this unique program will teach you the basics of balance/footwork/agility and power…the building blocks of any athletic endeavor. Whether you’re looking to start a fitness program or are a long time athlete looking for a new challenge, you owe it to yourself to try DrumBox…I promise, you have never experienced anything like it!